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When the World Spoke Arabic

When the World Spoke Arabic

At the height of the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation, the Arabic language was the lingua franca that served as the language of science, poetry, literature, governance and art. A big movement of translation of Greek, Roman and other ancient books of science, philosophy and literature into Arabic gave a push for the continued success of Arabic taking centre stage of the old world.

Top 10 Google Doodles' for Muslim Civilisation

Top 10 Google Doodles’ for Muslim Civilisation

A Google Doodle is a special, temporary alteration of the logo on Google's homepages that commemorate holidays, events, achievements, and people. Some of the people featured are prominent figures from Muslim Civilisation from scientists to scholars, travelers to other social figures.

Top 5 Mega Cities on the Silk Road

Top 5 Mega Cities on the Silk Road

Throughout history, trade routes played a central role in the transfer of goods and exchange of ideas between different parts of the world. The historic Silk Roads, which were a network of trade routes across land and sea that connected the lands from China across Asia to the Meditteranean...

Fictional Short Stories

Fictional Short Stories

1001 Inventions ran a creative writing competition that had writers from all over the world invited to submit a fictional short story based on the real lives of one of eleven scholars, adventurers and pioneers from Muslim civilisation. The stories of the winners in each category appear in this anthology, along with three other selected stories from the shortlisted entries.

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The Story Corner: The Mystery of Hayy Ibn Yaqzan

In early 12th-century Muslim Spain, a gifted philosopher, mathematician, poet, and medical doctor was born. Ibn Tufayl, or Abu Bakr ibn Abd al-Malik ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Tufayl al-Qaysi, to give his full name, became known in the West as Abubacer...

Stories - Ancient and Modern Ways To Harness The Wind

Ancient and Modern Ways To Harness The Wind

A thousand years ago, geographer Al-Istakhri wrote of seeing windmills used to provide power, running mills that were built everywhere. Unlike the traditional European design, Central Asian windmills had vertical shafts onto which vertical vanes were mounted to catch the wind...

Stories - Canon of Medicine

Canon of Medicine

Ibn Sina wrote and taught widely on medicine, philosophy, and natural sciences. In the Canon, Ibn Sina collected together medical knowledge from across civilizations. Made up of five volumes, the book covered medical principles, medicines, diseases of various body parts, general disease, and traumas.