1001 Inventions and Rise of Robots and Machines

A journey through the world of robotics: past, present and future

This educational initiative features an interactive adventure taking audiences of all ages on a journey from smart machines in the past to the modern hi-tech world of robotics, AI and machine learning.

State-of-the-art robots, hands-on activities, short films, and engaging live shows enable learning through experience and play, sparking a passion for science and the pursuit of careers in STEM.

Visitors will see some of the world’s most famous robots coming together in one place and some will be acting in a highly engaging live show for the first time trying to discuss and outline some of the key concerns related to robotics and AI.

Launched in partnership with the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS), the festival in Kuwait received record-breaking responses.

This initiative is now available to feature in events and relevant venues to help youth around the world develop the skill sets and talents adapted for the 21st century and future job markets.

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Trick Devices from a Thousand Years Ago

Muhammad ibn Musa ibn Shakir and his brothers Ahmed and Al-Hasan were known as the Banu Musa Brothers. They were part of the House of Wisdom of Baghdad in the ninth century. As well as being great mathematicians and translators of scientific treatises, they also invented many trick devices. Their Book of Ingenious Devices lists more than a hundred of them.

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1001 Inventions Google Arts & Culture

This 1001 Inventions online exhibit on Google Arts & Culture uncovers secrets of the science of tricks with three of the most innovative and creative scientists from the golden age of Muslim civilisation:

This educational initiative features three of the most prominent and creative scientists of the golden age of Muslim civilisation; The Banu Musa brothers, who lived in 9th-century Baghdad and worked in the fields of mathematics, astronomy and mechanics. It brings to life one of their most famous books The Book of Ingenious Devices ‘Kitab Al-Hiyal: literally The Book of Tricks’, through showcasing some of the most amazing trick devices and machines and how they work.

©1001inventions.com Arabic Version:
تحميل كتاب بنو موسى وعلم الحيل 

The initiative aims to encourage creativity and innovation in young people and inspire them through exhibits, a live science show, science demonstrations, hands-on workshops and educational resources.

The Arabic term Ilm al-Hiyal or Science of Tricks is the old name broadly used for the science of mechanics. The golden age of Muslim civilisation saw this science grow and expand through the work of scientists like Banu Musa, Al-Muradi, Al-Jazari, Al-Isfizari, Taqi Al-Din and many more.

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