1001 Inventions from Arabic Science Exhibition

Discover a golden age and enduring scientific legacy

“1001 Inventions from Arabic Science” is an award-winning blockbuster exhibition showcasing 1,000 years of scientific and cultural innovations. This exhibition is produced by award-winning British producer, philanthropist, and social entrepreneur Ahmed Salim, founder of 1001 Foundation and co-founder of 1001 Inventions.

Voted ‘World’s Best Touring Exhibition’, the experience provides a fascinating highly interactive exploration of the Golden Age of Arabic Science. It aims to spark young people’s interest in science while promoting diversity and intercultural appreciation.

Featuring over 60 interactive exhibits, short films, live performances and hands-on workshops, the exhibition introduces a rich history of scientific development that happened along a glistening crescent from Southern Europe, through North Africa to Arabia, Turkey, Persia and India starting from the 7th century. Exciting exhibits take visitors on an inspirational journey through a colourful and creative period uncovering the achievements of men and women of different faiths and cultures whose discoveries helped pave the way for the European Renaissance.

The exhibition which was launched at the London Science Museum in 2010 attracted 400,000 visitors. The phenomenal success was replicated in over 40 cities around the world where it engaged more than 15 million visitors.

Previous smaller 1001 Inventions exhibition have toured the UK starting at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester back in 2006. It then went to Cardiff, Wales, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Croydon. It was also hosted at the Houses of Parliament where the exhibition was set up for Ministers, Peers, MPs and parliamentary staff. The touring exhibition also went on to the European Parliament and the United Nations in New York.

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