Organisational Methodology

Organisational Approach

1001 Inventions maintains a two-pronged approach to delivering its organisational objectives:

  • Educational Media

1001 Inventions creates educational media such as films, exhibits, books, games, classroom learning materials and digital media. These are produced through teams of experienced professionals and partnerships with other organisations. Many productions have won awards such as the film ‘1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets’ starring Sir Ben Kingsley that has been viewed by more than 150 million people around the world. The information that forms the basis of all 1001 Inventions educational media is sourced and then peer-reviewed through an international network of scholars and academics.

  • Public Engagement

1001 Inventions organises diverse initiatives to engage the public such as exhibition tours, live shows, festivals and online campaigns. Since 2006, the organisation has engaged more than 450 million people, operating projects in more than 40 cities around the world. All initiatives include various data gathering methodologies in order to evaluate social impact, track performance and provide reporting to partners and stakeholders.

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Operational Structure

1001 Inventions maintains a core team that manages the operations of the organisation. Most 1001 Inventions project teams include expert/professional freelancers who are hired to deliver specific roles. At times, parts of projects are sub-contracted to third party companies who specialise in the required services such as film production, exhibit construction, graphic design and printing.

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Funding Strategy and Sustainability

1001 Inventions initiatives are funded on a per-project basis through various sources including grants, sponsorships, exhibitions rental, licensing fees, merchandise sales, educational product sales, event ticketing (in some cases) and content/IP licensing.

As a not-for-profit limited company profits earned by the organisation are reinvested in sustaining on-going projects and developing new productions.

1001 Inventions continues to tour its existing exhibitions and live events while working on creating new productions. These helps attain the organisation’s social objectives and provide consistent income streams to maintain the financial sustainability of the organisation.

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