1001 Inventions Online Exhibits on Google Arts & Culture

Explore fascinating stories of lesser-known pioneers from the history of science

1001 Inventions is partnering with Google Arts & Culture to bring to life interactive stories about lesser-known pioneer men and women to help spark young people’s interest in science while promoting diversity and inclusion.

The online exhibits on the freely accessible Google Arts & Culture digital platform feature immersive stories that highlight the legacy of the golden age of science in Muslim civilisation that stretched from Spain to China.

Discover the secrets behind the masterpiece elephant clock by the ingenious engineer Al-Jazari and learn how its intricate parts reflected cultural and technological influences from across Muslim civilisation. Explore how pioneers of astronomy  built powerful observatories and named galaxies, stars and features on the moon. The online exhibits feature stories about physicians from a lost history, prominent master navigators and many other men and women who made significant breakthroughs that still influence our world today.