Spectacular set of educational and cultural initiatives


1001 Inventions is a UK based not-for-profit science and cultural heritage organisation that creates and delivers global educational initiatives to help spark young people’s interest in science while promoting diversity and intercultural appreciation. 1001 Inventions’ initiatives feature interactive exhibits, films, immersive live shows, hands-on workshops, digital content, books and learning material designed for family audiences.

EXPLORE 1001 Invention initiatives introducing a wide array of themes through the eyes of Al-Jahiz, Banu Musa brothers, Al-Zahrawi, Jabir Ibn Hayyan, Ibn al-Haytham and many more remarkable pioneers from the history of science!

Arabic Science1001 Women – Journeys and AdventuresAlchemy to Chemistry – Book of Animals – Cures from the East – Rise of the Machines – World of Light – 1001 Meals – School FairsThe Club