1001 Inventions Club

Discover the world… build a better future

1001 Inventions Club aims to foster an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) subjects, as well as help boost children’s confidence, creativity, problem-solving, teamwork and other lifelong skills. Also, to immerse children in fun and exciting educational journeys to explore history and culture.

1001 Inventions Club franchise extends the reach of 1001 Inventions engaging, interactive and experiential learning experiences for children and young people around the world.

The goal is to operate immersive spaces for children to learn scientific concepts in a playful yet structured atmosphere.

Franchisees will be granted a license that permits operating a full range of programmes within a specific venue under the 1001 Inventions Club brand following our standard of excellence.

Along with operating under the 1001 Inventions Club name, franchise owners receive detailed tools, resources and support to successfully run the business.

With a popular and well-respected brand already in place, 1001 Inventions Club is an excellent choice for potential franchisees who are keen to work within the education sector and want to start their own business in this area.

Creative Approach

Since 2006, 1001 Inventions has been sparking a love of learning for millions of children with their families and educators around the world.

The award-winning 1001 Inventions brand has a proven track record for using the power of storytelling to interlink themes of science, history and culture.

Coupled with fun experiential learning, 1001 Inventions programmes are helping children discover the wonderous world of science and its relevance to their daily lives.

Diversity and Intercultural Appreciation

1001 Inventions interactive exhibits, films, events, books and educational resources bring to life stories about the fascinating contributions of lesser-known pioneers from the array of cultures within Muslim Civilisation. This period is known as the golden age of Arabic science.

While these stories creatively offer insights into remarkable breakthroughs from the past, they are used as a catalyst to help children discover their world and be inspired to find solutions for 21st-century challenges. They also help children develop an understanding and appreciation for people of all cultures and backgrounds and identify their role as responsible global citizens.

Massive Reach

We’ve honed our expertise in sparking excitement about science and helping promote intercultural appreciation to about 450 million people who engaged with our events and programmes across the globe.

This is made possible through effective grassroots outreach as well as working with a network of international partners, including UNESCO, the United Nations World Food Programme and National Geographic.

Growing Market

1001 Inventions has been steadily growing since it started more than 14 years ago. Our programmes have been expertly developed with input from a large global network of academics and creative teams ever since.

With the increasing demand from parents and educators to bring 1001 programmes to their communities and the growing market opportunity, it’s becoming crucial at this stage that we extend our reach through the 1001 Inventions Club franchise.

Experience and Expertise

The 1001 Inventions team has worked with hundreds of partners delivering programmes in more than 40 countries around the world. This means we have the experience, the expertise and credibility to help the 1001 Inventions Club franchisees deliver the very best product in their own local communities.


Award-Winning Productions

From school programmes and holiday camps, to birthday celebrations and private parties, 1001 Inventions Club’s fun and educational programmes are based on 1001 Inventions award-winning productions that highlight the history of science from the golden age of Arabic science.

Inclusive Resources

Our inclusive resources and programmes celebrate remarkable men and women who worked together in harmony over a thousand years ago for the betterment of society and helped shape the way we live today.

All programmes are intertwined with inspiring stories about lesser-known pioneers from Arab, Asian and other Eastern cultures helping promote diversity, respect and mutual understanding.

The aim is to help children discover their world, learn about global challenges and strive towards building a better future.

Broad STEM Themes

Through inspirational content coupled with a creative approach, children learn about math, science, engineering, astronomy, medicine, history, geography, arts, music and other themes by Al-Jahiz, the Banu Musa brothers, Al-Zahrawi, Jabir Ibn Hayyan, Ibn al-Haytham and many other pioneers from the golden age of Arabic science.

Often referred to as ‘Heroes of the Golden Age’, these pioneers from the history of science come to life with their fascinating stories to help excite children about science.

Experiential Learning

Merging the legacy of lesser-known pioneers with experiential learning help spark curiosity and ignite the spirit of creativity. Also empowers young people with important skill sets enabling them to address global challenges.

Key Values

Science themes are creatively coupled with messages on key values including hard work, diligence, compassion, honesty and other treasured values inspired by the ‘Heroes of the Golden Age’.

Sustainable Development Goals

We have just 10 years to achieve the 17 ambitious goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, addressing the world’s most pressing challenges, as exemplified by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The UN proclaimed SDGs are a landmark global call for action to unite the whole world to fight hunger in a sustainable way and to protect health, life of all living beings, but also to safeguard culture and to achieve peace and prosperity for people and the planet.

Science, Technology and Innovation

Science, technology and innovation crosscut across most SDGs and play a fundamental role in their implementation and moving the world onto a sustainable path. A steady flow of STEM talents is needed to respond to the increasing demand.

Also, parents are recognising the importance of building their children’s skillsets while offering them fun learning opportunities.

1001 Inventions Club enrichment programmes help children discover their world, learn about global challenges, inspire them to take action and empower them to think critically and creatively. Also, help equip them with skill sets allowing them to take steps towards helping create a sustainable world for all.

1001 Inventions is looking for passionate partners to join our journey to a world where compassion, creativity and exciting science education can make a difference. If you want to deliver joyful experiences for young people and enhance learning to help set the stage for a sustainable world, there’s no better way to do it than with 1001 Inventions Club!


● Grab the opportunity to build your business upon a proven model and the solid foundations of 1001 Inventions’ global success.

● Capitalise on the global demand for the brand and its productions.

● Franchise an award-winning top-quality brand that has no direct competition that can offer similar experiences in its field.

● Benefit from an established global fan base of millions of people.

● Gain access to authentic and academically backed and trusted content.

Growth Potential!

● Start a business in the rapidly growing edutainment market where a major gap exists.

● Respond to the global market need for high-quality programmes addressing themes of science and innovation.

● Align with a brand that responds to national priorities for widening the STEM workforce.

● Harness demand for STEM learning opportunities increasingly recognised by parents as essential for their children.


● Grow a business with the potential to produce high-profit margins with year-round income streams.


● Own your own business offering you professional freedom.


● Learn from a talented team that’s always by your side.

● Benefit from a large and solid network of partners and stakeholders.

● Benefit from a turnkey operation, which means from the moment you start your franchise journey you receive all the tools to get your business up and running as efficiently as possible.


● Make a positive impact and give back to your community.

● Inspire young people to pursue careers in science and strive towards building a brighter future.

● Empower youth with advanced skills and creative thinking methodologies needed to meet 21st century challenges.

● Attract, nurture and support grass root creativity, innovation and collaboration.

● Enhance public understanding of science and stimulate interest and appreciation for its crucial role for individuals and for the society at large.

● Make a difference for young people through fun and meaningful learning experiences designed to promote common human values that help make our world a better place.

1001 Inventions Club offers franchisees a steadily increasing mix of programmes building on 1001 Inventions creative and inspiring content and productions that appeal to children, parents and educators.

These programmes allow for multiple revenue streams to help reduce risk, increase customer retention, and develop the cash flow needed to grow a profitable franchise business.

Franchisees could decide on the mix that is most relevant to their market and possible through their available resources. 1001 Inventions team will help franchisees adapt and localise the programmes to meet their community needs.

1001 Inventions Club programmes include:

● 1001 Inventions Club @ School

Fun and intellectually stimulating activities organised specifically for school visits. The aim is to immerse pupils in exciting learning about science and creatively introduce them to scientific principles through fascinating stories. As such young people feel excited to learn something new, have better retention of learned knowledge and inspired to pursue school lessons in the topics covered.

This programme includes the ‘1001 Inventions School Fair’ enriching learning while helping pupils gain vital skills in research, collaboration and presentation. Activities could be linked to curricula so that pupils are able to apply their learning to school lessons. The programme is tailored according to the needs of teachers and to provide an exciting learning experience through participation, experimentation and observation.

● 1001 Inventions Club @ After-school

An action-packed set of indoor and outdoor activities exploring a broad array of scientific themes and topics. Hands-on workshops, science demonstrations, storytelling and many other activities are adapted to different age groups, from 6 to 16 years old, to encourage active learning and participation of children helping boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Children enjoy spectacular demonstrations and engage in hands-on activities across chemistry, biology, physics and more. Children of all abilities are motivated with “Making”, “Tinkering”, and “Designing” activities.

Young people are exposed to simple materials, tools and technologies, with the support of the trained team of ‘Science Explainers’, to create projects that encourage them to be curious, experimental and innovative.

● 1001 Inventions Club @ Holiday Camps

Children explore a wide variety of scientific topics which are educational and entertaining. Weekly camps offer a daily theme presented through the eyes of an inspiring lesser-known pioneer of science. Daily activities are organised with a focus on a specific theme so throughout the week children get to explore the wonders of the sky, discover the mysteries of light and optics, learn how to appreciate and protect nature, explore ingenious machines, build amazing structures and much more!

● 1001 Inventions Club @ Family

An opportunity for family members to spend quality time together and learn to understand each other better. Families enjoy exciting activities ranging from games, hands-on workshops and fun demonstrations. Parents will make and tinker together with their children as they work on stimulating STEM projects helping spark children interest in a broad range of topics including science, astronomy, environment, health and wellbeing. Also incorporating an artistic component, tying art with science, so the offering is extended to cover Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) subjects.

● 1001 Inventions Club @ Parties

An entertaining and educational experience for children celebrating special events. The theme, duration and selection of activities for the event will be tailored to family needs. From live shows to on-stage demonstrations, to film screenings and hands-on activities and workshops, families will be able to choose the format that works best for their children and their guests. Children will be immersed into a fun experience that keeps them engaged, entertained while enjoying their learning journey. They will also have the opportunity to take home cool science-related items they have made themselves.

● 1001 Inventions Club Merchandise

1001 Inventions has developed a unique range of merchandise to complement its blockbuster exhibitions, award-winning films, live science shows and best-selling books. 1001 Inventions popular merchandise range includes books, ready-made educational toys, self-build kits, replica models and accessories to suit all budgets. 1001 Inventions Club franchisees have the opportunity to merchandise and sell 1001 Inventions books and branded items at their venues.

banner potraitChoosing a franchise to invest in can be a complex decision. You must feel comfortable and confident knowing your choice meets your goals. At 1001 Inventions we spend a significant amount of time choosing the right franchise owners to join our extended family.

We are very selective about who we feel can effectively deliver our brand promise, as well as who will share our mission. We are committed to helping our franchisees succeed and we trust these qualities and skills will help them along their journey:

  • Passion for working with children
  • A solid understanding of the importance of children’s education
  • Desire to make a difference in your community
  • Entrepreneurial drive and dedication
  • Management, organisational and communication skills
  • Access to capital investment
  • Strong sales and marketing background with the ability to grow a thriving business
  • Reside in the territory where you will operate the 1001 Inventions Club
  • Ability to deliver the 1001 Inventions Club programmes at your local level

Initial Investment

The estimated initial investment for this franchise and the operational costs depend on many factors. This includes the Initial Franchise Fee which will be calculated according to the size of the venue and the market. Also, the estimated costs for location build-out, furnishings, staff, equipment, material and the operational budget for the first year.

Venue Selection

1001 Club Inventions gives the franchisee the opportunity to operate through a physical location. The location will become a community hub where children and young people can come to learn scientific concepts in a playful, fun, yet structured atmosphere.

The amount you need to invest to start your 1001 Inventions Club will depend heavily on your chosen venue. The 1001 Inventions Club location must be selected very carefully. Generally, it is recommended that the space is at least 200 usable square meters, with a minimum lease term of five years.

Profit Forecast

Your profits will depend on many aspects including the size and location of your venue, your dedication and the hours you choose to work, qualifications and number of the team you recruit, and your marketing efforts. We have developed detailed financial models and forecasts about potential earning in Years 1, 2 and 3 of the franchise based upon our own experience of running 1001 Inventions programmes around the world for more than 14 years. We will share these with you to enable you to understand the financial structure and potential in the business.

banner potraitIt’s an important decision to choose to become a 1001 Inventions Club franchisee but it’s not a difficult process. From start to finish, we promise to make your journey clear, informative and enjoyable! Become a 1001 Inventions Club franchise Owner with 7 easy steps:

Step 1: Enquire

Complete and submit an Information Form where you will be asked to provide your contact details, basic information about your qualifications, your motivation for owning the franchise and information about your venue and market. Your enquiry helps a member of our franchise team to respond with relevant information.

Step 2: Consult

We will contact you to schedule an initial call to learn more about you and answer any questions you may have about the 1001 Inventions Club franchise and review the next steps.

Step 3: Apply

Complete and return the 1001 Inventions Club Application Form and Confidential Financial Statement.

Step 4: Review

Upon receipt, we will review your application to assess your qualifications to become a franchisee. If approved, we will provide you with the 1001 Inventions Club FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) and NDA (Non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement) for your review.

Step 5: Agreement

With a final decision to move forward, the Fixed-Term Franchise Agreement will be signed (with the right to renew at the end of the term). Your franchise will be only valid for your specific 1001 Inventions Club venue.

At this stage, you will be requested to pay the Initial Franchise Fee.

Step 6: Training

The induction training will be held, and you would be able to develop a Business Plan to reflect how your 1001 Inventions Club franchise will operate in your chosen location. This will be followed by the on-site training allowing you to get the business launched.

Step 7: Franchise awarded

Welcome to the 1001 Inventions Club extended family!

banner potraitWe are totally committed to building and maintaining a highly professional and successful network of franchisees. At 1001 Inventions we pride ourselves with world-class training, support and guidance we offer to our local partners and teams of ‘science explainers’ around the world. This expertise we gained over the years will now extend to include our franchisees allowing the network to remain as a leading brand.

We will provide you with the tools, training, support, and resources needed to launch your 1001 Inventions Club business and be with you every step of the way. You can be assured that we are committed to help you make a success of your business.

A comprehensive training programme coupled with ongoing operational and marketing support as well as the relevant resources and tools will help make your project a success!

1- Induction training

The induction training is designed to inspire and educate new franchisees about the 1001 Inventions Club brand culture, educational content and proprietary information.

During the induction training franchisees will learn about management, marketing, sales techniques, programmes, personnel policy and financial forecast that are necessary for running an effective and efficient business.

Franchisees will also learn about their rights for the license that is awarded for a specific venue. Also, their responsibilities including that the awarded license does not allow for any physical or digital activation outside of the selected venue.

2- On-site training

Representatives of the 1001 Inventions Club team will travel to your location to assist you with:

  • Help you set-up your venue for your 1001 Inventions Club.
  • Provide a detailed technical rider for setting-up your 1001 Inventions Club.
  • Select, instruct and train, your first ‘science explainers’ (creative individuals who will perform the shows and facilitate all programmes).
  • Offer insight on best practices on daily operations, human resources, roles and responsibilities and accounting.
  • Guide your efforts to choose and localise the programmes as relevant to your community.
  • Help you reach out to families, schools and potential clients.
  • Support your business launch and marketing.

3- Ongoing marketing and operational support

After you launch your 1001 Inventions Club, we will continue to provide you with help and support throughout the first year of operation including:

  • Ongoing marketing guidance for everything from email blasts and social media management, to branded posters and graphic design support.
  • Website development and maintenance for your local micro site.
  • Support with managing memberships and attracting new members and clients.
  • Regular access to professional support staff.
  • Access to updated activities and programming.
  • Help you with merchandise orders and supply chain information.