1001 Inventions Partners with Silk Road International Cultural Forum



Cooperation to raise international awareness of the Golden Age of Science from Silk Road Cultures

Beijing, 23rd November 2015: The China Silk Road Foundation and 1001 Inventions have signed a partnership agreement aiming to raise awareness and celebrate the history of science from cultures and civilisations of the Silk Road.

Echoing efforts to revive the Silk Road through the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative, 1001 Inventions partners with the Silk Road International Cultural Forum to complement efforts to strengthen people-to-people exchanges through scientific and cultural activities.

The Silk Road International Cultural Forum, organized by the China Silk Road Foundation, is a cultural exchange platform aiming to provide scholars, artists, activists, entrepreneurs and government officials from different countries along the ancient Eurasian trade route an opportunity to conduct international communications, promote the inheritance and development of traditional culture, and strengthen international cultural exchanges and cooperation.

1001 Inventions is an award-winning British based science and cultural heritage organisation that creates and delivers high-profile educational campaigns. In 2010, 1001 Inventions launched a global campaign on the history of Arabic Science that engaged with more than 200 million people through events and exhibitions in more than 27 cities. 1001 Inventions initiatives are strongly supported by strategic partnerships with corporations, governments and international organisations.

Zhang Xinglan, Secretary-General of the China Silk Road Foundation said:

The Silk Road International Cultural Forum aims to promote initiatives and activities that instil the Silk Road as a road of cultural preservation, innovation and friendship. Being the organisers of the Silk Road International Cultural Forum, the China Silk Road Foundation is pleased to partner with 1001 Inventions as we see strong alignment between the objectives of 1001 Inventions with the overall vision of Forum. We trust that our collaboration will mutually enrich our initiatives aiming to promote culture, innovation and people-to-people exchanges.

Ahmed Salim, Producer and Director of 1001 Inventions, commented:

We are delighted to collaborate with the Silk Road International Cultural Forum. The Forum’s objective of exchanging ideas to better promote cooperation in culture is highly relevant to 1001 Inventions mission of promoting social cohesion, intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding.


Through public engagement activities, 1001 Inventions will aim to uncover the fascinating contributions to knowledge and science by the civilisations and cultures along the Silk Road. Our aim is to inspire young people through simple and fun engaging science experiences encouraging respect and connectivity.”

Together 1001 Inventions and the Silk Road International Cultural Forum will launch collaborative initiatives to promote the scientific heritage and legacy of countries along the Silk Road to help deepen cultural and scientific exchanges in support of efforts to revive the Silk Road for shared growth and partnership.

1001 Inventions team at the China Science Festival 2015 celebrating discoveries in optics made by ancient Chinese and Arab scholars
Eye-Scura – Based on Justin Quinnell’s camera obscura design

Part of Al-Idrisi’s 12th-century (inverted) map, showing most of Europe and Asia. The Norman King Roger of Sicily commissioned it from Al-Idrisi