Ibn Al-Haytham Show Launches at Muscat Festival


“Ibn Al-Haytham: A Journey of Science from Darkness into Light” to showcase at Al-Amerat Park during Muscat Festival”

muscatposter1The organising committee of the Muscat Festival 2016 announced that it will host, from 14 January to 13 February, a new 1001 Inventions production ‘Ibn Al-Haytham: A Journey of Science from Darkness into Light’ celebrating 11th century scientist Al-Hassan Ibn al-Haytham and his work on optics.

Born around a thousand years ago in Basra, and known to many as the “father of optics”, Ibn al-Haytham was a pioneering scientific thinker who made important contributions to the understanding of vision, optics and light. His methodology of investigation shows certain similarities to what later became known as the modern scientific method.

This show, produced by 1001 Inventions in partnership with UNESCO and the International Year of Light, features exhibits, interactive games and a fascinating new short film starring legendary actor Omar Sharif who takes viewers on a journey of discovery of the life of Ibn al-Haytham. International Artist Sami Yusuf composed the music score for the film. This short film recently had its world premier at the Dubai International Film Festival.

The organising committee of the Muscat Festival expressed their delight at hosting this special celebration about one of the most prominent scholars from the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation. They highlighted that the show and film promise to be hugely popular amongst families and young people.

Ahmed Salim, Producer and Director of 1001 Inventions said:

Ibn al-Haytham lived at a very important time in the history of science. A time known as the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation that will also be celebrated at the Muscat Festival through the global blockbuster 1001 Inventions Exhibition starting 20 January.”

He further added:

Our focus on Ibn al-Haytham comes as part of the global campaign that we launched to celebrate UNESCO’s International Year of Light. We are delighted to engage families and children in the Sultanate of Oman with this global celebration. Ibn al-Haytham is a true inspiration to young people of today. His seminal achievements and his wondrous journey will help nurture young people with principles and methodology of pioneers from the Golden Age while instilling pride in their science heritage.”

The United Nations has proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light that coincides with the 1,000 year anniversary of the publication of Ibn al-Haytham’s famous Book of Optics (Kitab al-Manzir).

In addition to the Ibn al-Haytham show, Al-Amerat Park will host from 21 January to 13 February, the world famous global blockbuster 1001 Inventions Exhibition which highlights breakthroughs and discoveries made by men and women from different ethnicities and religions who lived in the creative Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation that spread from southern Spain to China from the 7th century onwards.

A music video for ‘Shine’ was also released based on footage from the short film.

Dates and Location

Ibn Al-Haytham Show

14 January to 13 February. Hourly shows 5 till 10 pm.

1001 Inventions Blockbuster Exhibition 

21 January to 13 February. Daily from 4 till 11 pm.

Both the exhibition and show will be on display at Al-Amerat Park as part of Muscat Festival.

The 1001 Inventions Blockbuster Exhibition will be on display at Al-Amirat Park throughout the Festival period starting 20 January.


About Muscat Festival

Since its inception in 1998, Muscat Festival has proved to be more than just a celebratory, cultural and artistic event, or merely an entertaining forum in which civilizations come together, involving multilingual activities. Yet, it is also marked by another magical touch, with a past and present sense spreading all over. It is a festival of all colors. Thanks to its gaiety and warmth of the time and place, various people of different nationalities, blending in continuity, as well as attraction, of the diversity of performances and events, are attracted.


About 1001 Inventions

1001 Inventions is an award-winning, British based organisation that creates international educational campaigns and engaging transmedia productions aiming to raise awareness of the contributions to science, technology and culture from the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation.

Over the last five years, 1001 Inventions has engaged with over 200 million people across the globe. The organisation works with a network of international partners, including UNESCO, and leading academics to produce interactive exhibits, short films, live shows, books and classroom learning materials that are being used by hundreds of thousands of educators around the world. 1001 Inventions is a founding partner of the United Nation’s proclaimed International Year of Light 2015.


About International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies

The International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies (IYL 2015) is a global initiative adopted by the United Nations (A/RES/68/221) to raise awareness of how optical technologies promote sustainable development and provide solutions to worldwide challenges in energy, education, agriculture, communications and health. With UNESCO as lead agency, IYL 2015 programs promote improved public and political understanding of the central role of light in the modern world while also celebrating noteworthy anniversaries in 2015—from the first studies of optics 1,000 years ago to discoveries in optical communications that power the Internet today.


 ‘1001 Inventions and the World of Ibn Al Haytham’ Film Trailer

Trailer for the short film launching later this year: ‘1001 Inventions and the World of Ibn Al-Haytham’ The creators of 1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets bring you a new short film on the work of 11th century scientist Ibn Al-Haytham. “A journey of Science from Darkness into Light”. This trailer is for a short film by producer Ahmed Salim, starring legendary actor Omar Sharif, voice by Khalid Abdalla and music composed by Sami Yusuf. The film will be launched as part of the United Nations proclaimed International Year of Light 2015 and is produced by 1001 Inventions and the King Abdulaziz Center for World culture in partnership with UNESCO and the International Year of Light 2015.

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