Banu Musa Brothers at the Jeddah Book Fair

The three genius Banu Musa brothers left a lasting impact on the children that visited the fourth edition of the Jeddah International Book Fair between the 26th of December 2018 and the 5th of January 2019. Banu Musa, from 9th century Baghdad, were promoting the new Arabic children’s book ‘Banu Musa and the Science of Tricks’ that was recently published by 1001 Inventions in collaboration with the Advancement of Science for Publishing and Distribution, the publishing arm of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science.

The new unique book features three of the most prominent and creative scientists of the golden age of Muslim civilisation; The Banu Musa brothers, who lived over a thousand years ago and worked in the fields of mathematics, astronomy and mechanics. It brings to life one of their most famous books The Book of Ingenious Devices ‘Kitab Al-Hiyal: literally The Book of Tricks’, through showcasing some of the most amazing trick devices and machines and how they work.

The production aims to encourage creativity and innovation in young people, and inspire them with its dazzling illustrations, descriptions and experiments to experiment with the principles of physics and mechanics themselves.

The Arabic title will be available in bookshops across the GCC later this year. Readers can also view a low-resolution pdf at

Banu Musa and the Science of Tricks is the third book in the Arabic Children’s book series “Science from the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation”. the other two books in the series are: Al-Jahiz and the Book of Animals currently available in the Arabic language only, and Ibn Al-Haytham: the Man Who Discovered How We See - available in Arabic, English and German. 

About 1001 Inventions

1001 Inventions is an award-winning, British based organization that creates international educational campaigns and engaging transmedia productions aiming to raise awareness of the contributions to science, technology and culture from the Golden Age of Muslim Civilization.

1001 Inventions has engaged with over 400 million people across the globe working with a network of international partners, including UNESCO, National Geographic and leading academics to produce interactive exhibits, short films, live shows, books and classroom learning materials that are being used by hundreds of thousands of educators around the world.

About KFAS

The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) is a private non-profit organization with over 40 years history of supporting the advancement of science and technology in Kuwait. KFAS operations are overseen by a Board of Directors chaired by His Highness, the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. It is financially supported by Kuwaiti private shareholding companies through their generous contributions that currently amount to 1% of their annual net profit.

KFAS mission is to stimulate, support, and invest in initiatives and human resources that contribute to building a strong science, technology, and innovation culture and to fostering an enabling environment. The initiatives include improving public understanding of science; strengthening innovation and research capacity and enhancing an enabling environment; supporting the gifted and talented; translating knowledge into innovation; and nurturing a solid foundation for a national knowledge-based economy by developing the private sector’s scientific, technological...







Banu Musa and the Science of Tricks

1001 Inventions and ASPD Launch New Production and Children’s Book about the Science of Tricks

Kuwait, 14th November, 2018: 1001 Inventions and Advancement of Science Publishing and Distribution (ASPD), the publishing arm of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS) launched today at the Kuwait International Book Fair a new children’s book about the 9th century ingenious inventors the Banu Musa brothers and their Book of Ingenious Devices in the Arabic language.