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Schools in North West England Celebrate 1001 Inventions

Pupils Unleash their Imagination and Build their Own Creative Exhibits

Schools in North West England Celebrate 1001 Inventions

London, 18 July 2019 – This week 8 schools in North West England concluded their 1001 Inventions Science Week. This is part of a newly launched programme in the UK to organise school fairs themed on 1001 Inventions content and educational resources.

Primary schools organising 1001 Inventions science fairs ranged from small village schools serving pupils from farming communities and local villages, to schools in socially deprived areas to larger schools with families from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Muslim and Church of England schools also participated in the programme (a full list of participating schools below).

The aim of the programme is to spark children’s interest in science while helping them gain vital skills in research, collaboration and presentation as they develop their very own 1001 Inventions exhibits. Such exciting learning, inciting creativity and imagination, is coupled with discovering stories of lesser-known pioneers of different cultures and backgrounds from the golden age of Muslim civilisation that stretched from Spain to China from the 7th century onwards.

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Most schools launched their exciting week with a special introductory assembly, where all pupils would together watch the short film ‘1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets’ starring Sir Ben Kingsley. A few schools had a surprise visit by the talented actor Nicholas Khan who played 10th century surgeon Al-Zahrawi in the award-winning film. The fun and interactive live performances helped set the scene for the children while exciting them to start their 1001 Inventions projects.

Louise Stalton, Science Coordinator at Gisburn Primary School, and one of the extraordinary 1001 Inventions school project leaders, said:

1001 Inventions is an amazing project to get involved in and was an excellent learning experience for the pupils, staff and parents. It raised awareness of cultural diversity and traditional stereotypical scientists to name but a few. We planned the whole week’s learning around 1001 Inventions to fully immerse the children. Through the 1001 Inventions Grant we were able to purchase high quality resources to enhance the children’s learning and to provide them with the opportunity to link ancient and modern techniques. The parental support and involvement was immense, from working as a family to complete the Family Quiz, to continuing the research at home. The Celebration Event at the end of the week was the icing on the cake! Pupils produced hands-on showcase displays that demonstrated not only their learning but also the amount of fun that had taken place. The visit from Al-Zahrawi was just brilliant, he was so entertaining and convincing. A special thank-you to everyone involved, the children are already asking can we do it again!”

Project coordinators at schools planned that each year group focuses on a particular theme with an assigned pioneer from the golden age of Muslim civilisation.

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Inspired by the remarkable 16th century architect Mimar Sinan and his stunning buildings and structures, children designed and made a range of towers using a variety of resources including bricks and paper straws.

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Some pupils chose to learn about the ingenious engineer Al-Jazari and enjoyed creating their own elephant clocks and learning about water-raising machines.

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Children interested in chemistry were fascinated by the work of Jabir ibn Hayyan and Al-Razi. They enjoyed making their own range of soaps using essential oils and natural ingredients.

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Certain classes focused on the production of ink, testing gliders and building their moon phase boxes inspired by pioneers from the golden age of Muslim civilisation who made significant breakthroughs that still influence our world today.

The science weeks ended by a ‘Celebration Day’ where families were invited to school to enjoy their children’s creations. Children presented their work with practical activities for their parents to enjoy.

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Considering the massive success of the programme and the excellent feedback received from project coordinators and teachers, 1001 Inventions will continue this programme in the academic year 2019/2020. LEARN MORE about this exciting educational programme → www.1001inventions.com/schoolsfair and STAY TUNED to a new grant scheme to open for UK schools this fall.

Schools Participating at the 1001 Inventions Science Fair 2018/2019

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About 1001 Inventions

1001 Inventions is an award-winning, British based organization that creates international educational campaigns and engaging transmedia productions aiming to raise awareness of the contributions to science, technology and culture from the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation.

1001 Inventions has engaged with over 400 million people across the globe working with a network of international partners, including UNESCO, National Geographic and leading academics to produce interactive exhibitsshort films, live shows, books and classroom learning materials that are being used by hundreds of thousands of educators around the world.


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