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Experience a giant camera obscura and other interactive exhibits

Mysteries of the Moon With Ibn Al-Haytham Launches In Makkah

The “1001 Inventions and the World of Ibn Al-Haytham” touring exhibition encourages unique stories of science and culture to be explored and discovered to inspire creative learning.

The exhibition celebrates the legacy of Ibn al-Haytham, the 11th-Century pioneer from Arabia, who made important contributions to the understanding of vision, optics and light. It aims to spark young people’s interest to study science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) while encouraging inquisitiveness and curiosity in the world.

The interactive exhibition delivers an exciting mix of highly engaging and interactive experiences including:

Giant Camera Obscura: A giant fully functioning 360-degree Camera Obscura, offering audiences the chance to step inside the mind and world of Ibn al-Haytham and experience how we see and learn about the fundamentals of light science.

Record visitor numbers attend 1001 Inventions exhibition in Jordan

Content Showcases: High-quality lightbox units with content panels and screens providing highly informative and appealing content about Ibn al-Haytham and his discoveries.

Children in Berlin Excited to Meet Ibn Al-Haytham

Orientation Film: The partly animated cinematic experience takes audiences on a fascinating journey from one thousand years ago, narrated by world-renowned actor Omar Sharif. The short orientation film follows the extraordinary life of Ibn al-Haytham revealing his incredible discoveries and his significant contributions to our understanding of both vision and light.

Mysteries of the Moon With Ibn Al-Haytham Launches In Makkah

Science Demonstrations and Hands-On Workshops:  Themed to the science of light, vision and optics the educational range of activities engage young people to make, design and tinker, linking Ibn al-Haytham’s scientific methodology to solutions for modern challenges.

Huge Turnout at Ibn Al-Haytham First Ever Event in North West England

Interactive digital games: Interactive gesture control games and Augmented Reality related to Ibn al-Haytham offer diverse types of challenges suitable for different age groups.

Mysteries of the Moon With Ibn Al-Haytham Launches In Makkah

Character Mascot: Realistic large cartoonised head and costume of Ibn al-Haytham. The mascot adds a fun element engaging children, supporting sharing their experience with friends and family and retaining the information they learned.

Mysteries of the Moon With Ibn Al-Haytham Launches In Makkah

Contact us if interested to bring this exciting programme to your museum, science centres, festival, library or school! You can choose to host individual elements, a combination of activities or the full range of productions. A tailored plan would serve the purposes of each organisation and host venue in order to be aligned with your resources, needs and target audiences.