1001 Inventions and Cures From The East

Celebrating Diversity through Engaging Science and Cultural Experiences

‘1001 Inventions and Cures from the East’ is an educational initiative created by 1001 Inventions to introduce the fascinating legacy of healthcare from the creative golden age of science in early Muslim Civilisation and connected civilisations from the East.

Experiential learning offered through theatre, music and creative workshops to excite children about science, simplify concepts related to health and medicine while helping children better understand principles of experimentation and critical thinking.

An exciting theatre performance sets the scene and takes children on a fascinating journey to the past to appreciate how pioneers from the East contributed to modern day healthcare and medicine. Following the show, the actors and musicians, together with an exciting team of science explainers expand on issues introduced on stage through hands-on activities including how vision works through the lens of Ibn al-Haytham’s camera obscura, practicing ancient surgical techniques through cross stitching and creating structural models of viral diseases and much more.

The initiative launched at the Royal Society to celebrate the British Science Week 2018 is available for schools and relevant events in the UK.

Celebrate diversity and bring ‘1001 Inventions and Cures from the East’ programme to your school and enjoy a wondrous journey full of fun and learning through a range of engaging science and cultural experiences.