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Istanbul Exhibition

Tayyip Erdogan 1001 Icat Istanbul 1001 InventionsBy personal invite from Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, 1001 Inventions launched the block-buster exhibition at the historic Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul on 18th August 2010.

Hot on the heels of the record-breaking residency at the London Science Museum, the global tour began with Istanbul the ideal first host city as the exhibition formed part of the ‘Capital of Culture’ programme. Produced by Ahmed Salim, the 1001 Inventions exhibition was entitled ‘1001 ICAT BILIM VE TEKNOLOJININ 1000 YILLIK SERUVENI’ and given an iconic position in Sultanahmet Square, nestled in between the Hagia Sophia and the Great Blue Mosque, two of Istanbul’s most famous landmarks.

The exhibition was officially opened by the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in a blaze of media attention during a gala opening ceremony. The 1001 Inventions exhibition, in partnership with the Prime Ministry and sponsored by ALJ Community Initiatives, ran until the 5th of October 2010 and achieved a staggering 400,000 global visitors during its short 7 week residency.

Official Launch Event


Gala Event


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 Official Launch Event


Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan opens 1001 Inventions exhibition in iconic and historic part of Istanbul
(From left) Mayor of Istanbul Kadir Topbas, Governor of Istanbul Muammar Guler, Prof. Salim Al-Hassani Chairman of FSTC, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (centre), Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel Chairman of ALJ Community Initiativessponsors of 1001 Inventions,Minister of State for Science and Technology Mehmet Aydin, Culture Minister of Kargyzstan, Chairman of Research and strategy Foundation Dr Akkan Suve


To coincide with the launch, the famous book “1001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage In Our World” was translated into Turkish - the first time it has been translated into another language. Visitors to the exhibition in Istanbul were the first to acquire this new edition of the publication.

The entire exhibition was produced in dual language, both English and Turkish so that local visitors and international tourists could enjoy the experience side-by-side.

Many of the historic facts highlighted within the exhibition have a special resonance with the history of Turkey and the Ottoman period.

The flagship best-selling book was produced for the Turkish market and titled:  “1001 İcat: Dünyamızda İslam Mirası”.

Such was the demand for this book, it was produced in both hardback and paperback versions and sold out within the first four weeks, requiring a reprint of thousands of more books to supply demand. It was on sale within the exhibition store and is still selling throughout Istanbul in all good book stores.

The book is also available online and can be purchased by clicking here

Watch – ‘1001 Inventions and The Library of Secrets’ film in Turkish

This amazing, multi-award winning, mini feature film starring Oscar winner Sir Ben Kingsley, was dubbed into Turkish with English subtitles to appeal to both local and international visitors. Once again it was shown inside the exhibition in a dedicated cinema screening area for all visitors to watch and used as an orientation piece to prepare them for the main exhibition.  

VIP Visitors to the Exhibition

During the exhibition’s seven week residency in Istanbul, we hosted visits from numerous VIP’s and distinguished guests from the world of education, tv, science and international governments. This included the Turkish President Abdullah Gull, Governor of Istanbul Muammar Guler, Sara Lee Schupf, Princess Zeynep Osman, Moussa Dosso Minsiter from the Ivory Coast and many more.

The interest and plaudits from all these individuals were highly complimentary and supportive of our aims and objectives for this ground breaking educational project and global tour. They expressed their sincere gratitude to us for bringing the exhibition to Istanbul and allowing the people of Turkey to enjoy it and discover more about their history.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan 1001 Inventions Muslim Heritage
(Left to right) Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan & Professor Salim Al-Hassani (Chairman of FSTC)

(Left to right) Professor Salim T S Al-Hassani (Chairman of FSTC), Turkish President Abduallah Gull (holding a copy of the 1001 Inventions book), Professor Talip Alp (Board Member of FSTC)

Gala Event & Handover from Istanbul to New York

A special invite only gala event was held on Friday 1st October 2010 to collectively celebrate the phenomenal success of the 1001 Inventions exhibition in Istanbul and to ceremonially handover the exhibition to New York. The gala was held in a specially constructed marquee to the rear of the exhibition with special guests Dr. Margaret Honey and Sara Lee Schupf flying in from New York to accept the symbolic gesture. Other invited guests included the Mayor of Istanbul Kadir Topbas and numerous dignitaries and personalities from the world of academia, science, TV and government.

Click here to read full press release...

To mark the handover of the exhibition from Istanbul to New York, Professor Salim Al-Hassani (Chairman of FSTC) and Prof. Bekir Karliga, Advisor to the Turkish Prime Minister, officially handed over the model of Al-Jazari's 12th century Scribe Clock to Dr. Margaret Honey, President of New York's Hall of Science, which will be the next venue on the global tour.

(Left to Right) Prof. Bekir Karliga, Advisor to the Turkish Prime Minister, Dr. Margaret Honey, President of The New York Hall of Science, Professor Salim T S Al-Hassani (Chairman of FSTC), completing the symbolic handover of the exhibition.

As part of the unique gala celebrations, the highlight of the evening was a specially constructed ride recreating the "Hezarfen Adventure", an astounding visitor attraction installed in Sultanahmet Square outside the exhibition, which allowed guests to experience the historic city of Istanbul from a height of 70 metres (230ft) on a skylift. The bird's eye view offered visitors the chance to see the city from a similar height to that experienced by Hezarfen Ahmed Celebi when he launched his flying machine over Istanbul almost 400 years ago.

Watch – Video of the Celebi Skyride:

More Photos

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1001 Inventions launched the block-buster exhibition at the historic Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul   1001 Inventions launched the block-buster exhibition at the historic Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul        


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