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1001 Inventions has evolved and developed from humble beginnings into a global education brand thanks to the hard work of over 300 individuals and support of millions of fans from around the world. 

The list below shows only the current team leading the main activities of 1001 Inventions and does not represent the countless contributions of those many people who have supported in the past years.

Current Team:

  • Co-Founder and Managing Director - Ahmed Salim
  • Middle East Director and Producer - Shaza Shannan
  • Head of Strategic Partnerships - Hanan Dowidar
  • Middle East Producer - Omar Shabaan
  • U.S. Director and Producer - Yasir Kahf
  • Artist and Illustrator - Ali Amro
  • Exhibition Design and Production Manager - Scott Alexander
  • Accounts - Dinesh Mehta, Baker Tilly
  • Exhibition Production and Construction:
    Izzeldeen Yousef, Luke Jones, Charlie Davidison, Reubin, Harry, Julian Brockman, Ibrahim Bakhrani, Stephan van Wijk, Izziden Sharif, Beck Interiors, Dots Pro, Masahaat Events, Maximus Events, Meaza Group
  • Film Producer - David Pope (Ibn Al-Haytham Film)
  • Content Editor - Rebecca Mileham
  • Content Editor - Barbara Brownell Grogan
  • Webmaster - Cem Nizamoglu
  • Legal Counsel - Norton Rose
  • Film Production - The Edge Picture Company, Blink Studios, PPC
  • Audio Visual Software - Radical Thinking, Spiral, Horseshoeshape, Science Projects, Arc Stream AV
  • Model and Exhibit Development - RAE Models, Autodromo, Codsteaks
  • Specialist Electrics - SI Electrical
  • Graphic Production - Service Graphics, Four Graphics
  • Exhibition Illustrator - Rosey Taylor, Ali Amro
  • Memorabilia Production - Signature Trading Ltd


For a full list of Academic Sources, References and Manuscripts used in 1001 Inventions visit: http://www.1001inventions.com/REFERENCES

The content of the exhibition went through various updates. In the main, it is based on 1st ,2nd, 3rd and 4th editions of the 1001Inventions book and on articles and papers published by various authors on our web portal www.muslimheritage.com. The list of names of authors, reviewers and editors is too long to enumerate here. The reviewer names are given in each of the editions.  


The current version of "1001 Inventions and Arabic Science" exhibition has many amendments and corrections in light of reviews, remarks, and help from a countless number of colleagues of various backgrounds. Of special mention are the scholars who reviewed various sections and chapters of the 4th edition of 1001 Inventions: The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Civilisation, each in their respective specialty.  In alphabetical order, they are:

  • Professor Sheila Blair, Boston, USA
  • Professor Jonathan Bloom, Boston, USA
  • Professor Amriah Buang, Selangor Malaysia
  • Professor Charles Burnett, London, United Kingdom
  • Professor Constantin Canavas, Hamburg, Germany
  • Professor Stephano Carboni, Perth, Western Australia
  • Professor Giancarlo Casale, Minnesota, USA
  • Professor Sami Chalhoub, Aleppo, Syria
  • Doctor Emma Clarke, London, United Kingdom
  • Professor Glen M Cooper, Claremont, USA
  • Professor Charles Falco, Arizona, USA
  • Professor Mohamed El-Gomati OBE, York, United Kingdom
  • Professor John M Hobson, Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • Doctor Zohor Idrisi, London, United Kingdom
  • Professor David King, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Professor David Knight, Durham, United Kingdom
  • Professor Mustafa Mawaldi, Aleppo, Syria
  • Professor Sabah Mushatat, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
  • Professor Karen C Pinto, Idaho, USA
  • Professor Cesare Rossi, Napoli, Italy
  • Professor Bashar Saad, Baga Algharbiya, Israel
  • Professor Julio Samso’, Barcelona, Spain
  • Doctor Rabah Saoud, Ajman, UAE
  • Professor William R Shea, Cormondrèche, Switzerland  
  • Doctor M. Zafer Wafai, Texas, USA
  • Professor Andrew Watson, Toronto, Canada
  • Professor John B. West, San Diego, USA
  • Doctor Salah Zaimeche, Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Professor Siegfried Zielinski, Karlsruhe, Germany

Content used in the 1001 Inventions productions is based on research provided by the Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation (FSTC). The Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation (FSTC) pledged to bear overall responsibility for the content of this exhibition, and any errors - whether of fact or interpretation - are attributable to the Foundation alone.


Cast and Crew

  • Al Jazari and Librarian - Ben Kingsley
  • Danny - James Holly
  • Isabella - Courtney George
  • Luke  - Rhiann Connor
  • Ibn Al-Haytham - Stewart Scudamore
  • Abbas Ibn Firnas - Andrew Bridgmont
  • Al-Zahrawi - Nicholas Khan
  • Al-Ijliah Al-Astrulabi - Tara Jaffar
  • Teacher - Samantha Edmonds 

Kiosk Film Cast

  • Fatima Al-Fihriyah - Elif Yesil
  • Sinan - Dimitri Andreas 


  • Producer - Ahmed Salim
  • Director - Alan Deakins
  • Producer for Edge Picture Company - Andrew Hardwick
  • Executive Producers - Phil Blundell, Ahmed Salim
  • Writer - Thomas Fickling
  • Music Composer - Robert Hartshorne
  • Costume Designer - Camille Benda
  • Casting Director - Carl Proctor
  • 1st Assistant Director - Marco Ciglia
  • Production Manager/2nd Assistant Director - Cher Brighton
  • Production Assistant/3rd Assistant Director - Zakiya Petty
  • Set Runners - Lucas Motion, Euan Blundell, Jo Dixon, Dan Cunningham
  • Director of Photography - Robin Fox
  • Focus Puller - Gary Rogers
  • Digital Imaging Technician - James Stormer
  • Camera Assistant - Dan Struthers 
  • Gaffer - Jonathan Spencer
  • Sparks - Ricky Collins -John Whickman
  • Generator Operator - Steve Cortie
  • Sound Recordist - Andy Paddon
  • Boom Operator - Robin Gerrard
  • 3rd Sound Assistant - Alan MacFeely
  • Sound Mixer - Nick Roberts 
  • Make Up Designer to Ben Kingsley - Ann Buchanan
  • Make Up & Hair Designer - Karen Evans
  • Make Up & Hair Assistant - Sophie Cox 
  • Storyboard Artist - Sally Pring
  • Assistant to Ben Kingsley - Anna Maconochie
  • Ben Kingsley Driver - Steve Fenny
  • Child Chaperone - Vanessa Martin 
  • Post Production - Outpost at The Edge Picture Company
  • Film Editor - Tom Merrin
  • Colourist - David Smith
  • Post Production Supervisor - Grisha Nikolsky 
  • Visual Effects and Animation - Spot Post Ltd
  • RED Camera equipment supplied by - On Sight Ltd
  • Lighting supplied by - Nimbus Lighting

1001 Inventions: Journeys from Alchemy to Chemistry

Launch at UNESCO HQ in Paris, January 2019


  • Ahmed Salim
  • Hanan Dowidar
  • Shaza Shannan


Project Management

  • Stéphane Berthier, AGENCE SB

Science Explainers

  • Alicia Lefebvre
  • Annie Ruelle-Sanguine
  • Aurélien Adenot
  • Lidie Rousseau
  • Sophia Richard
  • Zouheir Quarjouane
  • Hafsa Salka
  • Eloi Coutant-Flexer
  • Aurore Elandaloussi
  • Aude-Heloïse Bonardi
  • Sarah Ouriachi
  • Louise Ponsard
  • Caroline Gay
  • Antoine Rodriguez
  • Catherine Batias
  • Delphine Talbot
  • Stéphanie Halbert
  • Leonardo Lauriot
  • Claire Chalder


  • Thomas Salva

Fabrication and Printing

  • Frédéric Speller, Agence ArsMagna


  • Juliette Bonnet



  • Scott Alexander
  • Rueben Davidson
  • Luke Gibbs
  • Animation Video
  • Professor Jim Al-Khalili, V/O Lecture
  • Blink Studios, Animation Production
  • Ali Amro, Illustration
  • Theatre Show
  • Germán de Diego, as Al-Kindi
  • Jérôme Hauptman, as Jabir ibn Hayyan
  • Aude Charlier, as Sophie
  • Rebecca Mileham, Script
  • Andres Tretiakov, On-Stage Experiments
  • Bristol Costume Services, Costumes and Wardrobe

Educational Resources

  • Tom Holloway, Content Development (Educators Guide)
  • Sophie Perry, Content Development (Science Explainers Guide)
  • Wassan Abu Yusuf, Graphic Design


  • Beth Alexander

Artwork and Designs

  • Ali Amro, Artwork
  • Inspiral Design, Graphic Design

Web Content

  • Cem Nizamoglu

With special thanks to

  • Professor Jim Al-Khalili OBE FRS
  • Professor Natalia Tarasova, IYPT2019 Co-Chair
  • Professor Jan Reedijk, IYPT2019 Co-Chair
  • Christine Iskander, UNESCO Science Sector Team
  • Selam Mekonnen, UNESCO Conference Team
  • Frank Sekeris, IYPT Management Committee Assistant

1001 Inventions and Cures from the East

Launch at the Royal Society in London, March 2018


  • Ahmed Salim
  • Hanan Dowidar
  • Scott Alexander
  • Naz Kabir
  • Shaza Shannan

Science Explainers and Facilitators

  • Ahmed Alboksmaty
  • Andre Braga Verissimo
  • Beth Alexander
  • Bethan Mason
  • Catherine Hoffman
  • Hana Dowidar
  • Millie Marsden
  • Natalie Parker Jones
  • Oliver Bishop Young
  • Rubilla Javaid
  • Sara Bantran
  • Sarah Brown
  • Sophie Ann Perry
  • Sophie Wang
  • Yolanta Kwiatkowski
  • Zeenat Javaid

Science Explainers’ Guide Development

  • Mohamed Elsonbaty
  • Heidi Houlihan

Theatre Show

  • Nicholas Khan, as Al-Zahrawi
  • Emma King, as Lady Mary Montague
  • Rebecca Mileham, Script
  • Aysun Sapaz, Costumes and Wardrobe
  • Al Firdous Ensemble, Music


  • FForest Films & Rhys Thwaites-Jones, Camera/Editing
  • Ali Amro, Artwork
  • Inspiral Design, Graphic Design
  • Cem Nizamoglu, Web Content

With special thanks to

  • Health Development Holding Company
  • Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation
  • The Royal Society
  • British Science Association
  • Dr. Bettany Hughes
  • Professor Peter Pormann
  • Professor Peter Frankopan


1001 Inventions Global Partners

  • Association for Science and Technology Centres-ASTC
  • European Science Engagement Association-EUSEA
  • Google Arts & Culture
  • Steering Committee of the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements 
  • United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization-UNESCO
  • United Nations International Year of Light Steering Committee
  • World Bank Global Partnership for Youth in Development
  • World Food Programme-WFP

United Kingdom

  • BBC
  • Clarence House (HRH The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles)
  • Channel 4
  • Cheltenham Science Festival
  • Croydon Council
  • Department for Trade and Industry
  • Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation-FSTC
  • Glasgow Science Centre
  • Glasgow City Council
  • Manchester City Council
  • Manchester Central Library
  • Manchester Science Festival 
  • Museum Of Croydon
  • National Museum Wales
  • The Royal Society
  • The Science Museum
  • The Institute of Physics
  • The Home Office
  • The Northwest Development Agency
  • The Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  • The British Science Association 
  • The Museum of Science and Industry Manchester
  • The University of Manchester
  • The Elsayed Foundation
  • The Scottish Government
  • Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum
  • Wellcome Trust



  • Practical Robotics Institute Austria-PRIA
  • Vienna University Children's Office


  • Peter Delius Verlag
  • Falling Walls Foundation
  • Berlin Science Week
  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  • Boulevard Berlin


  • Aramco Overseas Corporation
  • Post Rotterdam


  • Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre


  • Ministry of Education
  • Varmlands Museum


  • Biruni University
  • Prime Ministry of the Government of Turkey
  • Sabah Newspaper

United States

  • California Science Center
  • Discovery Channel
  • History Channel
  • Michigan Science Center
  • Museum of Science & History-MOSH, Florida
  • National Geographic Society 
  • National Geographic Museum 
  • New York Hall of Science
  • New York Academy of Sciences
  • Random House


  • Institute of Butantan
  • Sao Paulo Municipality and Government of Brazil



  • China Science Festival
  • National Science Week of China
  • Science Beijing Network


  • Macao Science Centre


  • Bastion House, Melaka  
  • Ministry of Tourism
  • Ministry of Education
  • Muzium Negeri Kedah
  • Pusat Sains Negara, Kuala Lumpur
  • Science Discoveries
  • Sultan Abu Bakar Museum, Pekan
  • Terengganu Trade Centre, Kuala Terengganu


  • Ministry of Science and Education

Middle East


  • Kuwait Finance House
  • Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain


  • Academy of Scientific Research and Technology
  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina
  • Cairo University
  • FabLab Egypt
  • Maker Faire Cairo
  • Egypt Science Week


  • Museum of Jordan
  • Royal Scientific Society


  • Kuwait Scientific Center
  • Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences


  • Bank Sohar
  • Municipality of Muscat
  • Muscat Festival


  • Al-Jazeera TV
  • Jeem TV
  • Ministry of Culture
  • Museum of Islamic Art
  • Qatar Museums Authority
  • Qatar Foundation
  • Qatar Shell

Saudi Arabia

  • City of Makkah Municipality
  • General Entertainment Authority
  • King AbdulAziz Centre for World Culture
  • MiSK Foundation
  • Royal Commission for the City of Makkah
  • Saudi Aramco

United Arab Emirates

  • Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee
  • Abu Dhabi Education Council 
  • Abu Dhabi Media Company
  • Al Ain Zoo
  • Bin Hamoodah Goup
  • Community Jameel
  • Dubai Culture Authority
  • Government of Sharjah
  • Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives
  • Nakheel Ibn Battuta Mall
  • Sharjah International Book Fair