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The Books for Schools project is an international educational sponsorship programme which provides an opportunity for private individuals, companies and government organisations to participate in helping promote 1001 Inventions.
Our ultimate objective is simple, to have the 1001 Inventions book used in every school and educational institution around the world!

As a start and with your vital support we aim to distribute 100,000 copies of the book free of cost to schools, universities, libraries and research centres on our database. This large scale distribution of the 1001 inventions book will provide greater access to this knowledge of Muslim contributions to the world, so that it can be studied and appreciated by both Muslims and non‐Muslims globally.
This book clearly dispels the myth of the so called Dark Ages, commonly referred to as the period between the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of the European Renaissance.


  • Bring to the public domain the shared heritage of modern civilisation, and how the Golden Age of Science and Technology was rooted in different cultures, those of Muslims, Jews and Christians working together side by side for nearly a 1000 years.
  • Strengthen and deepen social cohesion through collaboration between Muslim and non‐Muslim educators, teachers, advisers and policy makers.
  • Provide stronger intellectual foundations for Muslims (male and female) to reassert their identity as future pioneers of human civilisation.
  • Encourage wider participation in the study of science, engineering and technology and promote the awareness of its career opportunities.
  • Offer guidance, exemplifications and perspectives for faith schools as well as community schools seeking to interpret the curriculum flexibly and appropriately.  

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