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The Times Summer Book: 1001 Inventions
03 July 2008
.One of most respected online newspaper Times selected 1001 Inventions Book as one of the books of this summer .
"The Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation (FSTC) has produced a beautiful catalogue '1001 Inventions: How Muslim Civilisation Shaped The World.' It reminds us just how the Middle East, North Africa and Al Andalus catalysed many of the trappings of modern life. An immensely useful corrective to our Greco-Roman-Renaissance sense of Western Civilisation "  The Times Summer Books: The Past by Bettany Hughes


RHD's Website of the Month - 1001 Inventions

01 July 2008

The Real Histories Directory has been created as a resource tool for teachers, parents, pupils and the wider community to support them in teaching and learning about cultural diversity in the UK
They have chosen 1001 Inventions as Web Site of the Month



Islamic Foundation / MIHE Library 
5 June 2008



FSTC Research Associate,
Kaleem Hussain, delivered a lecture at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education, entitled ‘Muslim Heritage: A Scholarly Perspective’. It was well attended by representatives of the Institute, the council and members of the public.

Cultural Understanding in Science Project (CUSP)
ASE Global & 1001 Inventions City 1250

ASE Global team has developed colourful and innovative resources including City 1250. In this activity, students watch a short film (approx 7 mins) in which 4 teenagers discuss their forthcoming year on the (fictional) reality TV show City 1250. Each teenager tells of their worries about living in a reconstructed city in the Islamic world in the year 1250.



Students then use the resources provided to discover how the science and technology of the time addresses each of the teenagers’ worries. They learn about the advances of Muslim scientists in eight vital fields, and consider how their work influenced future scientists.




Project Covers:

City 1250 Clip
City 1250 Teachers Notes
City 1250 Student Worksheets




1001 Inventions in Turkish Media
2006 - 2008

1001 Inventions in Turkish Media since 2006

All Press Releases PDF (12.86 MB).(
Zaman Pazar 18/05/2008 .
Yeni Asya 13/05/2008 .
Yeni Safak 04/05/2008  
Known as in Turkish "1001 İcat" or "1001 Buluş" Media Resources


Bradford Education Conference  
17 April 2008 

FSTC was pleased to be invited to speak at the Bradford Education Conference in May. The conference, funded by the Joseph Rowntree Trust, aimed to explore the education of children in that area, focusing particularly on Muslim children.

The conference played host to over 60 delegates from all sectors, education, youth work, the council and local authorities and, of course, parents.

FSTC was represented by trustee Mr. Ian Fenn who is also Director for the Curriculum Enrichment Programme. Mr. Ian Fenn delivered an entertaining talk entitled ‘From Brixton to Bradford’ an account of his education and his experience as both a teacher and a Muslim. Stressing the importance of having positive Muslim role models, he told how the CEP aims to educate children in the right way, by ‘encouraging the global celebration of humanity’ and by recognising the contribution that our societies have made in the past. As Mr. Ian Fenn reminded us, most new discoveries are made from ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ and utilising knowledge already gained.

All in all, it was an entertaining and thought provoking afternoon and encouraged us all to pay greater attention to the way our children are educated and also to the things that make them well rounded individuals. 




1001 Inventions showcased at Sharjah Muslim Science Conference
24th-27th March 2008

HRH Sheikh Sultan Al-Qassimi

Launch Photographs...

The 1001 Inventions took centre stage at the First International Conference on Muslim Science in Sharjah, UAE.

The conference was attended by over 200 leading academics who gathered to present and discuss over a thousand years of Muslim contributions to science and technology.

HRH Sheikh Sultan Al-Qassimi, ruler of Sharjah formally opened the conference and received a copy of the 1001 Inventions book from Professor Mohammad El-Gomati, Vice Chairman of FSTC.



1001 Inventions book showcased at Abu Dhabi Book Fair
11th-16th March 2008

HRH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed

Booking Signing

The 1001 Inventions: Discover the Muslim Heritage in Our World book took centre stage at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.

Hundreds attended a book signing ceremony with Chief Editor Professor Salim Al-Hassani and Editors Elizabeth Woodcock and Dr.Rabah Saoud present.

The book was showcased beside a giant 6 meter cubic structure that displayed hundreds of historical contributions.

Launch Photographs...

Press Release...
Arabic Press Coverage...




Giant 1001 Inventions cube



Global expansion planned with support from Abdul Latif Jameel Co.
9th March 2008

Shaikh Mohammed Jameel and
Professor Salim Al-Hassani

Abdul Latif Jameel Company has signed a strategic alliance with 1001 Inventions to support its global expansion and the launch of international exhibitions.

Press Release...
Arabic Press Coverage... (part 1)

Arabic Press Coverage... (part 2)



Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey receives 1001 Inventions Book
14th March 2008

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Mrs. Micheline Calmy-Rey, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Former President of Switzerland,  holding the 1001 Inventions Book with Dr Suhair Al-Qurashi, Dean of Dar Al-Hekmah College, Jeddah.



Saudi Ambassador to the United States Adel A. Al-Jubeir met with the dean of Dar Al-Hekma College, Dr Suhair Al-Qurashi, and Dr Saleha Abedin, the college’s Vice Dean for Institutional Advancement and Director of General Education, at the Embassy in Washington. Press Coverage... 



1001 Inventions takes centre stage at the First Saudi Innovation Exhibition
9th-13th March 2008

HE Dr. Abdullah Al-Obied,
Minister of Education, KSA,
receiving the
1001 Inventions Book.

In Riyadh thousands flocked to the exhibition area of the Kingdom Tower to visit the first Saudi exhibition for inventions, Ibtikar 2008.

Centre stage was a 1001 Inventions display and a key note speech delivered by Prof. Salim Al-Hassani.



Press Coverage...  



1001 Inventions Exhibition launches at Museum of Croydon
2nd February till 31st May, 2008


1001 Inventions Exhibition has successfully launched at the Croydon Clocktower Museum.

This groundbreaking interactive exhibition brings to life a golden age of innovation and features over one thousand scientific wonders created by Muslim inventors in the years 600 - 1600.






Exhibition Venue Details...

Launch Photographs...
Interactive Events...
Watch Press Coverage 1




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1001 Inventions at the London Book Fair

14th-16th April 2008, Earls Court (Trade Event Only)

London Book Fair Stand
Following our recent success at the Abu Dhabi Book Fair, 1001 inventions are proud to announce we will be exhibiting at this prestigious Trade ONLY event. This year the Market Focus for 2008 will be on the Arab World.
Professor Salim T S Al-Hassani, Chief Editor, will be attending and present at our stand for interviews and book signing.

Traders and interested book distributors can book an appointment and visit us at our stand by clicking here. If you are NOT an existing exhibitor, then traders can get further details on the Book Fair and how to purchase entrance tickets, by clicking here.




1001 Inventions on an International TV Channel called Hilal TV
8th April - 20th May 2008 (Turkce)
Dr. Ebubekir Ceylan & Dr. Salim Ayduz
Good news for all our Turkish speaking readers.  If you click on the links below you can learn all about 1001 Inventions and all our aims and goals in Turkish.  


Science in School - 1000 Years of Missing Science
Since 2006

Science in School

Yasmin Khan from the Science Museum in London, UK, reveals how deeply our modern civilisation has been enriched by previous Muslim civilisations – and argues for a more balanced approach to the history of science:

1000 Jahre verschollene Wissenschaft (German)

A tudomány elveszett 1000 éve (Hungarian)

1000 anni di scienza che manca (Italian)

1000 lat zapomnianej wiedzy (Polish)

1000 años de ciencia relegada (Spanish)