1001 Inventions Book of the Week


Kitab ghara'ib al-funun wa-mulah al-'uyun كتاب غرائب الفنون ومُلح العيون

From comets and star-groups to natural and supernatural phenomena. It’s all here in this fascinating and unique ‪manuscript‬ full of ‪colourful‬‪ maps‬ including two ‪world‬ maps of great importance and the earliest recorded maps of the islands of ‪‎Cyprus‬ and ‪Sicily‬. Compiled by an unknown author in the first half of the 11th century using predominately 10th-century sources. Most of the maps are without parallel in any other Arabic‬, ‪‎Persian‬, ‪Greek‬, or ‪Latin‬ works.

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