WEBINAR SERIES: On the Shoulders of Eastern Giants

20th October 2011, 16:00 - 16:45


Ibn Sina’s 'Canon' book, a medical reference in Europe for 500 years!

Inside image of the Canon of Medicine book (Image Source)


Man reading a manuscript on the roof of Djingareyber Mosque, Timbuktu. (Source)

Once a thriving centre of learning and culture, Timbuktu is home to notable architecture and one of the world’s greatest collections of ancient manuscripts.

Where algebra got its name from

Amazing snapshots from Khiva (formerly known as Khawarizm) in Uzbekistan. The birth place of the famous mathematician Al-Khawarizmi (780 – 850 CE). A prosperous centre of learning during the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation, it was also a key city on the Silk Road like Bukhara and Samarkand.

Where algebra got its name

10 Stunning Ceilings from the Wonders of Islamic Architecture

Ceiling / Inside the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Muskat, Matrah, Oman (Photo by Werner_B)

The Art of Healing: Medical Care in Muslim Civilisation

15th-century miniatures illustrating the treatment of patients and showing various surgical procedures

Human life was highly valued during the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation. The core essence of healing at the time can be summarised by 11th- century Ibn Sina in his book Canon when he said: 

Thailand Science Festival launches 1001 Inventions


Thailand Science Festival launches 1001 Inventions

Had Yai, June 15 2018: Thailand's National Science and Technology Fair is hosting “1001 Inventions: Inspirations from the Golden Ages for a Better Future” as an anchor exhibition. The inspirational award-winning exhibition is brought to South Thailand by the Ministry of Science and Technology as part of the Science and Technology Fair organised by National Science Museum.

1001 Inventions Launches Makkah Exhibition


Top 10 Maps from Muslim Civilisation, when North was South and South was North, towards Mecca

1001 Inventions reveals 10 marvellous maps from Muslim Civilisation that include one of the earliest known maps of South Amercia and maps where the world appears upside down! A time when North was South and South was North, towards Mecca...