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China Science Festival to host “1001 Inventions and the World of Ibn Al-Haytham”

1001 Inventions Bahrain anchored ‘Zedni Elman’

Cairo University joins 1001 Inventions partners in Egypt 

Blockbuster exhibition will be anchor attraction at ‘Zidni Ilman’

VIP Audience Celebrates Central European Premiere of Muslim Heritage Exhibition

Award-winning production arrives at the Scientific Center of Kuwait

High profile launch for new global campaign

The Scientific Center of Kuwait & Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science

UNESCO partners with 1001 Inventions for 2015 campaign

National Educational Programme to launch in Egypt

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Educational Materials

Teacher's Pack  | Books  | PostersMerchandise | Movie | Characters Examples 

The 1001 Inventions educational materials are designed to support teachers and the classroom environment.

1001 Inventions is a science and cultural heritage brand that's loved and trusted by family audiences around the world. Educational properties include: exhibits, books, characters, image library, school materials, toys and much more educational and enjoyable products.

Our ultimate objective is simple, to have the 1001 Inventions educational materials used in every school and educational institution all around the world!

Teacher's Pack

Our Books for Schools Programme is designed for individual and corporate philanthropists who wish to directly support the educational mission of 1001 Inventions. Through this programme you or your organization can sponsor the purchase and distribution of 1001 Inventions books and classroom materials to schools, colleges and universities within the territory of your choice.

Primary School Activity Sheets

Secondary School Activity Sheets




1001 Inventions and Awesome Facts from Muslim Civilization

Teacher's Guide to 1001 Inventions and Awesome Facts

Complete Teachers' Pack


Complete Teachers' Pack

Primary school activity sheets

FOR JEDDAH (Arabic):
Secondary school activity sheets

The Doha English Teachers Pack: Science Activities 11-16 year olds  

:دليل المعلم من ألف اختراع واختراع - مدارس الدوحة
The Doha Arabic Teachers Pack: Science Activities 11-16 year olds  

The Doha English Activity Sheets: Science Activities for Primary School

The Doha English Activity Sheets: Science Activities for Secondary School

The Abu Dhabi English Teachers Pack: Science Activities 11-16 year olds  

:دليل المعلم من ألف اختراع واختراع - مدارس أبو ظبي
The Abu Dhabi Arabic Teachers Pack: Science Activities 11-16 year olds  




The Classroom Teachers' Pack

Complete Teachers' Pack

The Classroom Supplement for Scotland  




The City1250 series of activity sheets

The 1001 Inventions Teacher's Pack has been devised to support teachers and the classroom environment. Includes science activities for 11-16 year olds for the Science National Curriculum.

The 1001 Inventions Teacher's Pack maps relevant historical Islamic scientific and technological discoveries and principles to the national curriculum for secondary schools.

How do I get this pack?

  • The 1001 Inventions Teacher's Pack is available to download free of charge here.
  • Click here to download the supplements for Scotland.
  • Click here to download the Teachers' Pack for the Abu Dhabi Science Curriculum Framework

What's in the Pack

The Pack contains important teacher’s guides and experiments to do at school and is devised to support teachers and the classroom environment. It contains:

  1. Teacher’s guide to the theme and content
  2. Practical activities for the classroom
  3. Teacher’s guide to the exhibition
  4. The 1001 Inventions Book
  5. A set of 10 large 1001 Inventions Posters covering the theme Why use this Pack

The main aim of this pack is to help science teachers teach the science content of the National Curriculum in a fun and engaging manner while highlighting contributions by Muslim scientific scholars.

By offering easily digestible historical facts and simple experiments to demonstrate key scientific and technological principles this resource offers an exciting opportunity to promote understanding and contributions of the Muslim civilisation in a hands-on and minds-on fashion that is accessible to younger audiences between the ages of 11 and 16.

How to use this Pack

The activities are a result of collaboration between Foundation of Science, Technology and Civilisation, science teachers and consultants. It is structured around the Science National Curriculum requirements at Key Stages 3 and 4 and contains one activity for the Design and Technology curriculum. Each activity is ready to photocopy and is accompanied by teacher notes including the areas of the curriculum which are covered, instructions on how to run the activity and relevant background material.

Sample Activity Sheet from the 1001 Inventions Teacher's Pack

1001 Inventions Books

Our flagship book 1001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage In Our World, published in 2006 in English, received international academic acclaim selling more than 200,000 copies. Arabic and Turkish versions of the book are on sale, and further translation opportunities are available through our Commercial Team.

1001 Inventions Books

1001 Inventions and Awesome Facts from Muslim Civilization

The official children’s companion to the exhibition produced by National Geographic for ages 8-12 uses the winning formula of facts, photos and fun. Each page is packed with information on little-known history of Muslim civilization, showing how their achievements still apply to our world today.

For more information please click here.

Educational Posters

A set of 10 large A1 sized posters perfect for your school, college, home or university. Beautifully designed, these posters can be used in schools or can even form your own mini exhibition on Muslim Heritage.

Includes the 7 x Our Zones Posters plus an excellent Our History Timeline Poster, the Muslim Heritage World Map Poster and the Muslim Scholars Poster.

For more information please click here.

1001 Inventions Posters   Click to Enlarge!
1001 Inventions Educational Posters


The Library of Secrets Movie

We have a thousand years of stories still to be told and we aim to produce a slate of films bringing life to this important, yet forgotten, era of human history.

To watch the movie, please click here.

1001 Inventions and The Library of Secrets


1001 Inventions produces a range of branded educational merchandise catering for a wide age range. 1001 Inventions products support and enhance the brand and the heritage it represents through educational gameplay and learning.

For more information, please click here.

Range of 1001 Inventions Products


Scientists, inventors, medics, engineers and mathematicians of all faiths and cultures across Muslim civilisation, worked together in harmony for the betterment of society and shaped the way we live today. 1001 Inventions celebrates these men and women, often referred to as ‘Heroes of the Golden Age’, as they are synonymous with the brand and heritage it represents.

These characters each have an astounding story to tell about their lives, their accomplishments and their impact on our modern world. 1001 Inventions brings these characters to life through our films, books and blockbuster touring exhibitions. Animated versions of these historical characters are shown below.


Examples of school activities and workshops in action: 

Istanbul Syrian School Chrildren's Science Fair (Source 


(in Arabic) Syrian school children in Turkey re-enact a famous scientists from Muslim heritage. This student was acting as Fatima al-Fihri... (Source)


Al-Madinha School Science Fair (Source)

The Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation, Islamic Inventions Fair (Source)

Visit by Al Mansouriya School to the 1001 Inventions Exhibition at iThra Knowledge in Jeddah (Source)