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City 1250 (CUSP)

Association Science Education (ASE) & 1001 Inventions City 1250:

ASE Global team has been working with the Foundation for Science Technology and Civilisation (FSTC) and with support from QCA to develop, trial and evaluate teaching materials to help teachers with this new part of the Programme of Study. 
ASE Global team has developed colourful and innovative resources including City 1250. In this activity, students watch the short film above (approx 7 mins) in which 4 teenagers discuss their forthcoming year on the (fictional) reality TV show City 1250.  Each teenager tells of their worries about living in a reconstructed city in the Islamic world in the year 1250.
Students then use the resources provided to discover how the science and technology of the time addresses each of the teenagers’ worries.  They learn about the advances of Muslim scientists in eight vital fields, and consider how their work influenced future scientists. 
Click here for the City 1250 ASE Global Teachers Notes
Click here for ASE Research Findings form.
Downloadable City 1250 ASE Global Student Worksheets (PDF):
Have a look also at the Teacher's Pack for downloadable teaching resources and information on wider aspects of the Muslim historical development of science.
ASE Global

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