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China Science Festival to host “1001 Inventions and the World of Ibn Al-Haytham”

1001 Inventions Bahrain anchored ‘Zedni Elman’

Cairo University joins 1001 Inventions partners in Egypt 

Blockbuster exhibition will be anchor attraction at ‘Zidni Ilman’

VIP Audience Celebrates Central European Premiere of Muslim Heritage Exhibition

Award-winning production arrives at the Scientific Center of Kuwait

High profile launch for new global campaign

The Scientific Center of Kuwait & Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science

UNESCO partners with 1001 Inventions for 2015 campaign

National Educational Programme to launch in Egypt

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10/05/2012 - 1:17pm

HRH Prince Charles writes to support 1001 Inventions

Half a million visit 1001 Inventions in Los Angeles
22/03/2012 - 4:41pm

Record Numbers for Science Heritage Exhibition in California

26/01/2012 - 11:46am

Uncovering The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Civilization

04/01/2012 - 12:24pm

Until March 2012 due to popular demand

1001 Inventions partners with National Geographic Al Arabiya
27/12/2011 - 12:11pm

Promoting Middle Eastern scientific and cultural heritage

04/01/2012 - 11:33am

ألف اختراع واختراع: علم مقفّى أراجيز وقصائد

Royal Launch for 1001 Inventions Abu Dhabi
15/09/2011 - 3:31pm

Thousands visit new bilingual Arabic-English exhibition on opening day

'Arabick Roots' of science and medicine exhibition
10/06/2011 - 12:15pm

Sheikha Mozah and FSTC at Royal launch in London 

Hillary Clinton launches 1001 Inventions, Los Angeles California
25/05/2011 - 2:34pm

Los Angeles, California Science Center opening

12/05/2011 - 12:57pm

1001 Inventions wins “Best Touring Exhibition” Award

1001 Invntions Barnes and Noble New York book launch Muslim heritage
23/03/2011 - 5:14pm

Hundreds witness 1001 Inventions book launch in New York

1001 Inventions Science Museum New York Muslim Islamic Civilization
18/03/2011 - 10:51am

Hundreds of VIP guests attended an exclusive event

New York Teachers to 1001 Inventions
08/02/2011 - 11:45am

Hundreds of New York Teachers Attend 1001 Inventions Event

01/02/2011 - 12:45pm

Founding Trustee of FSTC, 1001 Inventions and CE4tf

17/12/2010 - 11:17am

Media report on blockbuster exhibition

07/12/2010 - 6:26pm

The record-breaking exhibition has landed in North America

Google presents Sci-Tech Mosaic Award to 1001 Inventions
24/11/2010 - 9:30am

Muslim Heritage Initiative recognised at Prince’s Charity’s Talent Awards

23/11/2010 - 5:52pm

Blockbuster exhibition at NY Hall of Science

23/11/2010 - 11:19am

Manhattan VIPs enchanted

15/10/2010 - 8:20am

Gold Award for Best Education Film

04/10/2010 - 10:02am

Istanbul hands over 1001 Inventions exhibition to New York city

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan 1001 icat Inventions Istanbul
12/09/2010 - 11:00pm

Turkish Prime Minister opens exhibition at iconic location

12/07/2010 - 12:28pm

More than 25 UK-based Arab Ambassadors attended a special gala reception

29/05/2010 - 3:29pm

City of Istanbul to host blockbuster 1001 Inventions interactive exhibition.

29/05/2010 - 7:44pm

5 Golds and Best Education film in Los Angeles and Hamburg Film Festivals.

Best Film at New York Film Festival 1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets
04/05/2010 - 11:16am

1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets wins eight New York film awards.

28/03/2010 - 12:14am

1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets wins four major industry IVCA awards

Prince’s Charity and 1001 Inventions
26/03/2010 - 4:07pm

Prince’s charity announces partnership with Muslim Heritage pioneer

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
18/03/2010 - 1:31pm

16 March 2010: The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

01/02/2010 - 3:17pm

In its opening week, over 15,000 visit new 1001 Inventions exhibition