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05/08/2012 Middle East Online

1001 Inventions comes to Washington 992

26/12/2011 Middle-East-Online

National Geographic Al Arabiya, ‘1001 Inventions’ unite to promote heritage 807

10/06/2011 Middle East Online

'Arabick Roots' of science and medicine exhibition at The Royal Society in London 

28/05/2011 Middle East Online

Hillary Clinton Launches “Muslim Civilization” Science Exhibition in LA  in LA in LA        

05/01/2011 Middle East Magazine

1001 inventions New York Hall of Science Exhibition News

17/08/2010 Middle East Online

Influence of Arabic science on earliest Italian scientific academies (Prof. George Saliba)
by Mamoon Alabbasi 

26/01/2010 Middle East Online

1001 inventions London Science Museum Exhibition News

Showing 7 results