Bilal: The Budding Science Explainer and Future Vet


Fourteen- year-old Bilal Bakir is in the 7th grade. He participated at one of the 1001 Meals exciting educational events with his class in Village 3 at Azraq refugee camp in Jordan. Bilal enjoyed watching the short film about the “creative” Ibn al-Haytham as he described him. He also had fun engaging with many hands-on activities themed on the science of light, optics and vision. Bilal remembered that he had seen a relevant experiment at the CARE Community Centre and wanted to run the same experiment for his classmates attending the 1001 Meals event. Bilal then joined the 1001 Meals team and presented the invisible glass experiment to his peers. He did such a marvelous job!

Bilal and his family arrived at Azraq refugee camp in Jordan five years ago. He is the eldest and has three siblings. Bilal loves cats and his dream is to become a vet when he grows up. His favorite food is pizza!


About 1001 Meals:

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and the award-winning 1001 Inventions organisation launched the 1001 Meals initiative to offer Syrian children in refugee camps access to healthy meals coupled with valuable learning opportunities to improve wellbeing.

Each 1001 Meals event combines fun educational experiences produced by 1001 Inventions along with WFP nutritious meals prepared by Syrian women working in WFP’s ‘Healthy Kitchens’.

Young adult refugees are being recruited and trained to support the delivery of 1001 Meals activities. The initiative aims to help build their capacity while providing them with economic opportunities and hope for a better future.

To support the initiative, download the ShareTheMeal app on your smartphone (select to join the “#1001Meals” Team) and with just a tap you can donate US$0.50 to "share the meal" with a child in need.

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