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Academic Sources

The 1001 inventions project is led by a team of researchers of reputable academic and professional records, from various disciplines and cultural backgrounds. The team includes scientists, historians, engineers, architects and physicians from Muslim and non Muslim cultures; qualities which ensured a high degree of neutrality and integrity to the content of the project.

The 1001 inventions team is also backed by a team of scholarly advisers from various countries, including UK, US, Germany, France, Turkey, Spain, Morocco, Syria and Egypt, who kindly reviewed the written material, each in their respective fields of specialisation.

The policy of the 1001 inventions has been to thoroughly check the historical evidence and written sources for all the inventions and innovations we published. Any invention or discovery that lacked such evidence or raised doubts among our researchers and advisers is automatically dropped until proven otherwise. 

As with most historic works, genuine opinions and interpreting of historical events may differ, especially in cases where the weight of the evidence is modest. This is very acceptable and productive as it enriches the subjects and energises scholarly debate. In contrast there are unfortunately opinions, based on prejudice rather than facts, expounded by those less interested in uncovering the truth and instead aiming to undermine and obscure the contribution of other cultures and civilisations. The 1001 inventions project was born to rebuff these unhealthy opinions and establish the true value of the scientific and technological advances made by these cultures, especially those embraced within Muslim Civilisation. 

The 1001 Inventions project team has decided to give our valuable readers the chance to consult our catalogue of references of most of the material used and which are available online and in any good library. For those who cannot access libraries, can be an easily accessible alternative.

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